Spring Vibes

First Quarter Moon + Planning Energy

Hard rains, true leaves, new growth and muddy boots.

Spring Soap Box



Inspired by hard rains, true leaves, new growth and muddy boots.

SCRUB and wash with River at Dawn
Coffee + Mint
Scented with peppermint essential oil.

SHAVE and wash with Herbary
Green Clay + Mintmary
Scented with essential oils of peppermint + Rosemary.

SMOOTH and wash with Sunshine
Turmeric + Lemongrass
Scented with lemongrass essential oil.

In the Box

  • River at Dawn SCRUB Soap, 6 oz Bar
  • Herbary SHAVE Soap, 6 oz Bar
  • Sunshine SMOOTH Soap, 6 oz Bar

Wall Mounted Soap Dishes



A stainless steel pronged bottle cap is firmly pressed into the center of your soap to attract it to the magnet in the wooden holder.

Each holder is engraved so you know which soap is your scrub, shave and smooth.



We've also designed holders for your shave brush and razor so you can keep that mess in the shower too! Find the full set of shower wall mounted hanging soap dishes and accessories here.

A note on our eco-friendly olive wood from the manufacturer: 

"We source the olive wood from the mediterranean region. It comes from old olive tree plantations from which olives were once harvested. Only when a tree no longer bears fruit at the end of its life is it released for the timber trade. It is then felled and its roots dug up. The wood is natural, without any chemical treatment. Since the olive tree grows very slowly, we cannot offer certified organic goods, but wood from local farmers. We only rub it with olive oil, which is important for the maintenance of the wood and brings out the grain beautifully."

Check out this awesome explainer postcard our friends made about how to hang your soap holders.




Pair with...


Beautiful, Planet-saving, olive-wood, magnetic soap holders that keep your soap dry so it will last the whole month!

Soap Branch - Set of 3


For more info on how to hang and use our holders, check out our page on wall-mounted soap dish holders.

Seasonal Soap Subscription


Replace the plastic in bottles in your shower with our SCRUB, SHAVE, SMOOTH formula soaps.  

Receive one seasonally scented SCRUB, SHAVE and SMOOTH soap to your door each ❄️ solstice ☀️ and 🌱 solstice 🍁.