Whether you're a solo adventurer or a troup of more, you can sign up for the subscription that works for you.

Build a Box


Open through December 11

Celebrate every equinox and solstice with a seasonally scented scrub, shave and smooth soap bar.

Seasonal Subscription


Every 3 months, around the 10th of the month.

How Does it Work?

What Even Is a Soap Subscription?!?!?!?

When you subscribe to our soap, your box of soap will arrives at your doorstep, without your even having to think about it or go on the internet to click shiny buttons.

While you were off in the wilderness listening to bird sounds and the pat pat pat of waves on the shore, we were packing up your soap box with 'pine trail' and 'harvest moon' to keep your shower game on point for the moment you arrived home to wash off the mud.

When Will My Soap Arrive?

All subscription boxes ship around the 10th of the month. We chose this date because we want to provide consistency in your routine and because we are a super small company that just can't handle shipping ever day.

If you choose the seasonal subscription, shipping around the 10th of the month will ensure your box will arrive in time for you to celebrate the equinox and solstice. The seasonal subscriptions are only open for two weeks each season to make sure you they stay on a schedule to celebrate the equinox and solstice with your fresh box of soap!

The Seasonal Subscription Isn't Available Right Now! What Gives?

Seasonal subscriptions will open in the middle of each season for a two-week window.

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Why Is This Soap Subscription What I've Been Missing All My Life?

While we really love making soap, our number one goal is to help you simplify your routines. With the body wash you need arriving at your door at regular intervals and a functional setup in your shower to keep them high and dry, you'll have more time to play outside!